About Bad Breath

What causes bad breath?

Halitosis, commonly referred to as bad breath, is caused by a type of bacteria that resides on the soft tissues in the back of the mouth, mainly on the back of the tongue. These bacteria thrive under a blanket of mucous where they produce putrid sulfur gasses which cause offensive breath odor. No mouthwash reaches these bacteria, no matter how long or how frequently you rinse, and toothbrushes are of little value in removing them.

Why doesn't everyone have bad breath?

Some people have substantially more of these odor causing bacteria than others; no one knows why. But we do know that at least fifty million people in America have some degree of halitosis and suffer the embarrassment of breath malodor.

Why are current remedies ineffective?

Conventional mouthwashes, breath mints, sprays and other similar products just temporarily mask the offensive odor of bad breath. The popular mouthwashes have been demonstrated to be particularly ineffective in long lasting management of chronic bad breath. This finding was published in a prominent consumer publication.

Why is ProFresh different?

The ProFresh Breath Care System was developed by Dr. Jon L. Richter, directly from his successful clinical treatment program. It is the only patented oral rinse that contains active Chlorine Dioxide which allows you to remove the odor causing bacteria. Once odor is controlled you follow a simple two minute maintenance program, twice a day, to maintain fresh breath 24 hours a day. The ProFresh daily regimen also reduces the amount of "free floating" bacteria in the mouth and consequently the amount of dental plaque, a cause dental decay and periodontal disease, that builds up around the teeth.

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Some key facts about bad breath

Bad breath rarely originates in the stomach, throat, nose or sinuses as most people believe. Air released from the nose of a person with bad breath does not have any offensive odor, air from the mouth does. In 95% of cases bad breath originates from the mouth.

  • Public opinion surveys confirm that people form negative images of people with bad breath. Bad breath is a serious social handicap, it impairs social, sexual and occupational interactions.

  • If your teeth and gums are in poor health they may contribute to bad breath. Regular, competent dental care is important in controlling breath odor.

  • If the onset of your bad breath odor has been sudden, is growing noticeably worse over a period of days or weeks, or has been accompanied by the onset of fever, cough, or other symptoms, it would be wise to seek medical consultation.

  • Some of the foods we eat can cause unpleasant breath odor. Garlic, onions, alcohol, hot peppers or aromatic spices may cause breath odor up to 72 hours after ingestion. This type of breath odor cannot be eliminated by any known treatment or product.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming out with a product that doesn't simply cover over the problem of bad breath but actually gets rid of it! Thank you every day!"

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