About ProFresh

A Revolutionary Product - Proven Safe and Effective.

ProFresh KitThe ProFresh Breath Care System was developed by Dr. Jon L. Richter, directly from his successful clinical treatment program. It is the only patented oral rinse that contains active Chlorine Dioxide which allows you to remove the odor causing bacteria. Once odor is controlled you follow a simple two minute maintenance program, twice a day, to maintain fresh breath 24 hours a day. The ProFresh daily regimen also reduces the amount of "free floating" bacteria in the mouth and consequently the amount of dental plaque, a cause of dental decay and periodontal disease, that builds up around the teeth.

The ProFresh Breath Care System includes a one month supply of ProFresh Oral Rinse and provides you with a complete package of materials and instructions to achieve a new level of oral hygiene. Twice a day use, along with proper flossing and brushing of your teeth and gums will keep you mouth healthy, reduce dental plaque and leave your breath fresh 24 hours a day.

Unlike many popular mouth rinses, ProFresh Oral Rinse does not contain any alcohol and it has been clinically proven to be 99.9% effective in helping to cure bad breath. It's not a cover-up.

"People used to back up when I began to speak, or else they would pull out a breathmint for themselves and offer me one as well. With Profresh, these embarrassments no longer happen."

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