Dr. Jon Richter

An Important Message from Dr. Jon L. Richter . . .

In 1992 I founded the first clinic for research, diagnosis and treatment of bad breath odor complaints in the United States. In our clinic we discovered that almost all breath odor problems originate from a type of bacteria that inhabits the mouth, particularly on the back surface of the tongue. We found that cleaning the back of the tongue and rinsing with a solution containing chlorine dioxide eliminated bad breath in over 99% of our patients. Chlorine Dioxide is a safe but powerful deodorant and antibacterial agent, used for decades for the purification of drinking water. I patented a unique method of preparing and confining chlorine dioxide in a safe and effective solution for oral use and called it ProFresh Oral Rinse. My patent excludes all other manufacturers from using chlorine dioxide in a mouthwash.

The simple truth is that a diligent program of good oral hygiene, together with twice a day tongue cleaning and rinsing with ProFresh Oral Rinse with chlorine dioxide, will control even the most stubborn cases of bad breath.

Diagnosis & TreatmentJon L. Richter, DMD, Ph.D

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